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Welcome to Onigiri☆Onegai! This is a place to gather various projects a stories, publish, and present them in a visual novel style. The projects are stories hosted and gathered here a presenting using HTML 5 and CSS 3 as well as some clever scripting using jQuery and straight JavaScript. The point of all that techno-babble is that you can read and, in some cases, even interact with story from any modern device running almost any modern web browser. Whether that device be a cellphone, laptop, Chromebook, or even a refrigerator (that last one really isn't recommended though), as long as it has a web browser with support for HTML 5 and CSS 3 (most modern ones do*), then you'll be able to read these stories, interacting may be difficult one some devices, but I digress. For a demonstration of the technology and to see if it works for you, check out the Project:Dream☆Weaver test scene linked above.


2020 Apr 28 - Finally some real story!

Though Reina's story is still locked behind completing her sister's story, which is currently in limbo, I really need to work on that, I can say that those of you anxiously waiting for something, anything, need not wait any longer. The first three episodes of Yui's story are finally here! Not only that, but the fourth and final episode will be available for patrons very soon and all users should see Yui's entire first chapter in a few short weeks!

Chapter 1 of Yui's story ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, but you'll have to wait a bit for chapter 2. I will be working on chapter 1 of Rena's story so you have a choice as to which magical girl to start with. I mean, I love Yui, but maybe there are some of you who'd rather see a different side of the story first. Anyway, its all about choice! So Yui's second chapter will be started after I've completed Rena's first.

Keep in mind, that I am still working on these in my spare time. I am a full-time graduate student and only have a limited amount of time to work on the art for these episodes. I hope that Rena's first chapter won't take as long as Yui's, but I can't guarantee this. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Though, if you wish to do more, click that 'become a patron' link in the navigation bar. It will help ensure that I don't need to devote time to a part-time job just to support my server and application costs. Thanks!

2020 Feb 15 - What happened to Reina and what's a patron?

Project:Dream☆Weaver has had some major changes in the backend, see our site update below, this has resulted in characters now respecting unlock requirements. This means that Reina Ikumi has disappeared from the character select, for now. She is now an unlockable character. Once her twin sister's first chapter is released, and you have read it, Reina will re-appear in your character select screen. Unfortunately, Rena's first chapter has yet to be released, so stay tuned there.

If you want to see Reina again, or you want to see new characters before anyone else, there is a place for that. This brings us to the new button you see at the top right of each of our pages now, the one that says 'become a patron'. So now its time for a bit of a shameless plug.

Before the advent of modern economics, artists and creators were often supported by lords and other nobles. These were called patrons. So, what does this have to do with a web-based visual novel like Project:Dream☆Weaver. Well, Patreon is a website where creators and artists can go to acquire modern day patrons to help support their work. I have created a page there were you can help support Project:Dream☆Weaver and future Onigiri☆Onegai projects.

Of course, I don't plan on taking your money without giving you anything, and, of course, people can access the visual novels without paying me. So what do you get? Well, there is a full list of perks at the site itself, so feel free to click that button up there, but, as a summary, you can get access to character sprites, key scenes, character bios, and even full episodes before free users and guests.

2020 Jan 11 - New characters and story have arrived for Project:Dream☆Weaver!

Though progress within the story and general user accounts for the site have not been completed, two new characters will now be seen in the Project:Dream☆Weaver character select screen. Reina and Rena Ikumi are twins. Reina becomes and magical girl to save her sister, but this act seems to have driven them apart. Rena's story will be available once we have the user account and story progress tracking systems in place for any player who completes a certain part of Yui's story. Reina's story will be available once players complete Rena's first chapter.

Speaking of Yui's story, as of today, the chapter one introduction is now available. Act 1 will follow shortly. In truth a draft of the entire first chapter is written, but many of the art assets are still being completed. I dare not give an estimate as to when the remaining acts will follow as I prefer to work on these assets at a comfortable pace and they will suffer if I attempt to force myself to work on them. Please understand that Onigiri☆Onegai is currently a one man show!

2019 Nov 7 - now displays correct page

This was not so much an oversight on my part, but a sort of necessary evil in order to ensure the domain was registered in a timely manner. We had yet to finalize the site design and layout and had to "park" the domain at the older Tower21 Studios page. The layout and design of the site are now mostly complete (I would still like an overall site background image, but that can wait), so we have directed the domain to the proper page now!

2019 Nov 1 - Project:Dream☆Weaver Test Scene

While we are still writing the actual story and working on the various art assets for Project:Dream☆Weaver a very short test scene is currently up and ready for view. This scene is not final. It was originally designed as a proof-of-concept to prove that a visual novel style or narration can be done using only web technologies. It remains available as a means of testing browser compatibility as we continue to work on the project.

Site Updates


Some backend work has been done to allow you to create users using your Google account. For the time being this is the only way to log in. Logging in will allow you to save what episodes and chapters you have read. Features have also been enabled that allow you to unlock characters, chapters, and episodes based on what you have read. We highly encourage you to create a user, especially as new characters are released for Project:Dream☆Weaver. Also, patrons who use their Google account on both this site and Patreon will automatically gain a user level based on what tier they sign up for, which will get your access to early release content. Don't worry, we'll have a way to manually add you to the right level even if the accounts aren't the same.

Artwork and Style Updates!

After reviewing character artwork for the Project:Dream☆Weaver test scene I decided to completely redraw them both to fix certain issues with Yui's propotions and to ensure proper scaling with other characters. In other words room is left to ensure that, for example, Yui's brother, appears a least a bit taller than her as he is quite a bit older. I have not done additional assets beyond this test scene and a few generic character assets, however, the ground work is laid to ensure that fifth-grade Yui is shorter than older characters.

In addition, there have been a few changes in the sites sylesheet to ensure that visual novel scenes are at the forefront when they are displayed. For 1080p displays and smaller the scene will now fill the entire screen. As many assets have not be designed for larger screens I do cap the width and 1920 so 4k displays will still see sidebars. At this time, as we have not secured advertisers yet, there is no place for ads on VN scenes, this may, however, change depending on how funding for server and design costs are secured, but this is a discussion for another time.

Known Browser Compatibility Issues

While web standard compliance has come a long way since the dark ages of web design, we have noticed some glitches with a certain browser, Microsoft's default Windows 10 browser, Edge. Edge does not respect a certain stylesheet property that allows backgrounds to be resized up or down to fit their containing element. What this means is that backgrounds in scenes may not display properly in Microsoft Edge. While we do not wish to tell you which specific browsers to use or not use, only that whatever browser you choose should be up-to-date, we cannot, at this time, recommend viewing scenes in Microsoft Edge. We are looking into the problem and hope a solution can be found, but, for the moment, we recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome on Windows 10.

It should also be noted that there is no "modern" version of Internet Explorer. We, therefore, do not recommend using any version of Internet Explorer, on any version of Windows. Please us either Firefox, or Google Chrome.

Note: The above issues may not effect beta versions of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium. While we normally would not recommend using beta software, if you are intent on keeping Edge, you may try these beta versions, but note, other issues may present themselves.

Site Update Notes

This will be a place for updates to this site's theme, as well as the backend software involved in running the various projects and saving and tracking story progress. This will also be the place to look for information on any problems or issues you have with story progress, making choices, or the story tree.