Generic grade schooler with pigtails

A-KoHave you heard? Have you heard? Its the latest news straight out of Sakura!

Generic grade schooler with short hair

B-KoOooh! Oooh! What is it? What is it?

Generic grade schooler with pigtails Generic grade schooler with short hair

A-KoYoung girls who have lost all hope will be visited by a special spirit who will grant them the power they need to regain their lost hope and even get everything they want!

B-KoThat sounds awesome! Where do I sign up!?

A-KoYou're not still hung up over that stupid boy are you?

A-KoI told you, you're too good for him!

B-KoThis has nothing to do with him! It just sounds awesome!

A-KoWell, I hear, and this really is just a rumor, but I hear these spirits don't appear to just any girl!

B-KoThey don't? Well that's a bummer!

A-KoWell, there might be hope for you.

B-KoReally? How?

A-KoApparently a spirit will appear to a girl with a broken heart! *laugh*

B-KoDon't even joke about that! Geeze!

Welcome! You are about to embark on a complex journey told through the perspective of several girls.

Each girl is visisted by a special spirit who changes their lives.

You will begin with the stories of two girls, but you will meet more girls as you go. Try and unlock them all to uncover the whole story.

I hope you enjoy this story! If you haven't already, use the menu at the top right (the down-facing arrow) to Log in so I can keep track of your progress. You can also use this menu at anytime to skip this intro and any other scenes!

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