A Simple Gallery

So, I would like to give a little present to my newborn son, Bart.

As a programmer father, the most natural option (I believe) is to set up an album for my son. The album would record and consolidate most of the photos of him. It’s very easy for people to take photos now, but it’s difficult and time-consuming to consolidate them. Besides, as it’s more and more easy to record the videos now, so I would also want this site to collect the videos.

This turns out to be an interesting experience, because what I have to be the customer, project manager and engineer at the same time. So I need to think in contradictory ways sometimes, e.g., as an engineer I believe the thing should be good enough to work, but as a customer it’s just not yet right.

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Painful Selenium Testing – Part 4 – Firefox Screenshot

One problem with selenium (using either IDE, RC or Webdriver) is that you don’t know what actually happened during the execution.

The selenium result would give some hints, e.g. if the verifyTextPresent failed then you know there is a missing text during execution. But you would like to know what actually appears on that screen? Did the page show up an error page? Or just the value is changed, or probably the server died?

The nature of automated testing is that you are unlikely to watch the executions all the time. Otherwise it’s pointless to do the automation.

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