Simple Gmail Notes – Firefox Addon

One week after the Chrome extension of simple gmail notes was released, I started to plan on porting of extension to Firefox.

There are 2 major incentives for this porting:

  1. I spent quite a lot of effort to work out the google API for the extension. Most of them are just RESTful HTTP API, which are supposed to work with Firefox extension right alway.
  2. During the implementation of Google extension, I tried to get way from most Chrome specific API (e.g. chrome sync). So theoretically most code should work with Firefox extension.

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Simple Gmail Notes – Chrome Extension

For a long time, I wanted a browser extension that allows me simply add notes to the Gmail. It is because I need some easy way to mark down the comments on the resumes of candidates, Sometimes they would send the resumes across a long time span. Of course I could mark down the notes on evernote, but it's time-consuming and difficult to have an organized list of comments overall candidates, most of which I would not review for the second time.

There was a useful plugin called Notes-For-Gmail. Yet it stopped functioning months ago, and I have no way to contact the author.

Finally I decided my own one, as I really need this. And it seems to be a good chance to learn the Google chrome extension writing as well.

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A Simple Gallery

So, I would like to give a little present to my newborn son, Bart.

As a programmer father, the most natural option (I believe) is to set up an album for my son. The album would record and consolidate most of the photos of him. It's very easy for people to take photos now, but it's difficult and time-consuming to consolidate them. Besides, as it's more and more easy to record the videos now, so I would also want this site to collect the videos.

This turns out to be an interesting experience, because what I have to be the customer, project manager and engineer at the same time. So I need to think in contradictory ways sometimes, e.g., as an engineer I believe the thing should be good enough to work, but as a customer it's just not yet right.

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