Painful Selenium Testing – Part 1 – Intro


I restarted this blog to mark down the painful days working with selenium.

In the world of agile, scrum and test driven development, everyone agrees that automated testing is important. In fact, it is one of the few required items for practices, they are even not optional.

However, when we step into this field a few years ago, we are surprised to find that there are so few companies actually did the genuine automated tests, for both web and mobile apps. Some companies did the unit tests, but very few companies worked out the legitimate functional tests (or UI tests) with automation.

We attempt to tackle the website automated testing with selenium, which is one of the few popular tools in this area. Yet it is still so painful.

And we found that resources and tips on Google for this is so rare, that further puzzles us. Is the whole automated testing thing is just a myth? (Just like the SOAP we heavily discussed long ago.)

After so many years, I guess we did make some progress. And for my own sake, it's probably worthwhile to record and organize what we have gone through.